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Portrait Editing :-

Tips And Tricks To Edit Portrait Pictures
Everyone Want To Edit Pictures Like A Pro ! People Think Easier
Said That But i Think It Is Too Easy To Edit On Photoshop.When Your Editing
Portrait Picture Don't Invert Don't Make That Picture Look Over Don't Use
That Brush Tool With Trembling Hands Which So Not So Good For Editing.Use
Some Tools Like I Have Shown You Downward.Let Us Enjoy Ourselves With Photoshop.

First Step:- 

Open Your Photoshop Whatever Version You Have I Have 7.0 So Pickup 
That Picture Whom You Want To Edit.I Got This Picture For Editing.
So What I'm Seeing In This Image.The Girl Have A Lot Wrinkle.
Pickup The Clone Brush And Play With That Like Me.

Second Step :-

Use Curves Open RGB Then Pickup That Line And Touch To The Second
Last Right side Bottom.Then Pickup Paint Brush use black background and white 
foreground on curves layer opacity up to 85% brush on her face, now change 
opacity to 20% brush on her hair's like i have done.

Now You Will The Picture Like This.

Third Step :-

Third step you gonna do is select background layer go on filter
select liquify the first tool the use it on her face make her eye
beautiful make eye small whatever you want to do just make eye beautiful
then do that on her lips make lips small like me then small her nose
which is already not so good thats why focus on her nose.Checkout mine 

Step Four :-
  Now Edit her eyes select eyes goto change color play with her eye
i just color it blue which look pretty good on her face do whatever you want to
do try for best endeavors on day you will become a nice editor.

Step Five:-
Now change the levels of your picture second thing you will do is
change brightness up to -6 and contrast up to +6.

Step Six:-
Now Give Finishing To Your picture goto curves select R,G and B
Play With That Like I Have Done That What Curves Do It Change The Color Of Your
Picture Which Look Totally Different.

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