100 Photography Tips

100 Tips For Better Portraits

Experiment with focal lengths create an interesting background break the 'rules'
of composition play with eye contact try condid photography play with light
frame within a frame change perspective shoot in black and white have fun.

''Your First 10,000 Photographs Are Your Worst''- Henri Cartier-Bresson

10 Tips To Taking Sharper Photos

Faster shutter speed use a tripod focus accurately use a prime lens clean image
stabilization use your base ISO find your lens sweet spot use the light shoot
in raw

  ''There Is A Vast Difference Between Taking A Picture And Making A Photography''
Robert Heinecken

10 Embarrassing Mistakes I Made As A Beginner Photographer

I never used flash
Constantly on the wrong focus mode
I used the wrong ISO
Always shot in jpg
I didn't know about bulb mode
I never backed up !
I chose the wrong lenses
I transferred over usb straight from the camera
White balance was always off
I used free editing software

''I Find The Single Most Valuable Tool In The Darkroom Is My Trash Can''
John Sexton

10 Reasons Your Photos Suck

Bad lighting
You're making excuses
Wrong white balance
Motion blur
Poor depth of field
Shooting at the wrong time
You're trying to impress others
poor composition
too much photoshop!

''Anything More Than 500 Yards From The Car Just Isn't Photogenic''
Edward Weston

10 Photography Cliches You Should Avoid To Improve Your Photography

Flowers,Pets & Sunsets
Fake Lens Flare
Vintage Iphone Apps
Unnecessary Black & White
Selective Color
Dodgy Borders And Garish
Over-saturated HDR
The 'Dutch Tilt'
Heavy Vignetting
Writing On Photos

''There Will Be Fine Times When You Will Be In The Field Without A Camera.
  And,You Will See The Glorious Sunset Or The Most Beautiful Scene That
You Have Ever Witnessed.Don't Be Bitter Because You Can't Record It.Sit
Down Drink It In And Enjoy It For What It Is'' DeGriff

''The sheer ease with which we can produce a superficial image often leads
to creative disaster''Ansel Adams

10 Steps To Taking Better Photos

Learn Manual Mode
Lean Basic Composition
Techniques, & then forget them!
Non on camera flash
Get a fresh perspective
Get closer
Clean up your background
Frame your subject
Get your white balance right!
Use the histogram

''If you are out there shooting things will happen for you.if you're
not out there you'll only hear about it.'' Jay Maise!

10 Tips For Taking Better Candid Photos

Lose The Flash
Carry your camera everywhere
Be patient
Use a telephoto lens
Add context
Shoot from the hip
Keep quiet and blend in
catch people in the moment
Move around your subjects
shoot in brush mode

''It can be a trap of the photographer to think that his or her best pictures
were the ones that were hardest to get.'' Timothy Allen

10 Questions To Critique A Photo

Where is the visual weight?
are there any disracting elements?
Is the exposure/metering correct?
Would it look better through a different focal length?
what is the background doing?
how is the composition and balance?
Does the photo require post production?
Is the color accurate?
Does the depth of field suit the photo?
Is the photo cliche?

''There are no rules for good photographs there are only good photographs
Ansel Adams

10 Reasons Why Being A Photographer Sucks

No fixed income
it's become really competitive
people will rip you off
the pay can suck
too much time away
nasty people
everyone wants something for nothing
expensive technology
can become repetitive
post production sucks!

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