How To Take Photo On Low Light

How To Take Photos In Low Light :-

External Flash

1.When You Are Taking Picture Of People Or Objects.
2.Consider Using a Diffuser To Lesson The Harsh Shadow.


1.Camera With Manual Controls
2.High ISO
3.Burst Shooting Capabilities
4.Ability To Shoot In Raw


1.Perferably With An Aperture Below f\2.8
2.Look For One With Image Stabilization Or Vibration Reduction.


Remote Shutter Release

1.You Can Shake The Camera When You Press The Shutter Release A Remote Should
Help To Eliminate That Shake.


1.To Steady Your Camera And Reduce Shake.
2.Essential For Long Exposures.

How To Guide :-

Put your camera in aperture priority
mode this will ensure that you control all available options.

Crank up ISO

This my result in a image with
additional noise, but this can
be fixed with some post-processing
(shoot in RAW if available)

Use A Large Aperture

Large Apertures Let more Light

Slow Down Shutter Speed

The longer your shutter is open the more light that will get in.

Use An Off Camera Flash

Try to direct the light so that it doesn't hit your subject straight on
try deflection the light to soften it.

Use your cameras exposure compensation Capability

The scale on many of today's dslr's allow from -3 to +3 stops in 1/3 stop increments
Dial the exposure compensation to the positive side to purposefully
''overexpose'' the photograph

Setting Up Your Camera :-

Setting Up Your Camera

What is ISO: How sensitive the camera sensor is to light.

What is shutter speed(Exposure): How long your shutter is
open,allowing light to reach the sensor.

What is Aperture: The diameter of the lens opening, which
controls how much light gets to the sensor.

Quick Tips :-

Shine A Light on your subject and auto focus on that,then turn your
light and auto focus off and take the picture.

Do Not Be Afraid to turn up your iso crank it up as high as you
need do not worry about the noise get shot.

When Using Flash bounce the light off a wall or other object will help
to reduce harsh shadow on your subject.

Motion Blur can be a cool effect experiment with a moving subject and
longer exposure time.

If your camera or lens has image stabilization make sure its on.

Do Not Be Afraid to make a mistake you can learn a lot from a mistake

Hand-Held Shots should be no slower then 1/60th of a second other wise
use a tripod to reduce blur.

Buy a 50mm lens f/1.8

If you aim your camera towards the north star.the stars will appear to spiral.

Light Graffiti And Painting With Light :

*wear dark clothing.
*find a dark location.
*set your camera shutter speed to a long exposure, 20+ seconds or bulb setting.
*set your camera on a tripod.
*press shutter.
*begin painting with your flashlight sparkler or glow stick
*Experiment with aperture iso and shutter speed until you get the look
you are going for.
*check your work and try it again if you are not happy.

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