Portrait Expert Skills Use In Portrait Editing

Do You Find Difference Between These Two Picture Who Looks Better After Or Before Obviously After looks better then before. 

What I Do In It:-
First of all i just change the picture quality using HDR action i download this action from google 
then i use that beautiful action then i increase levels of picture which make her eye and skin beautiful
then i do some changes with curves i increase the redness and greeness of this picture then i found the embodiment of beauty in it but it still to good what i want then change brightness and contrast of the picture then by doing some change in her nose and make her small with liqufiy tool then change her eye color and lips color using brush tool then you will see real embodiment i call that magnificent.

Justify yourself:
Every point, color, lips and eyes, hairs, even every then i this picture should have a reason to be in your piece; if it doesn’t, strike it. Be harsh if a picture or phrase does not add value to your editing, get rid of it.

You could improve your editing by being more focused about photoshop.There is not much brain squeezing needed for as long as you are in the right mindset to edit.If you have a lot of problems going on in your life and everything seems bothering for you, it would be difficult for you to be inspired and edit down wonderful things. That is why when you decide to edit you have to neglect first relationship problems in real life.

I do a lot of freelance editing and have to say that 9 times out of 10 editor turn in too much v. too little. It's gotten to the point where I'm tempted to offer some kind of portrait editing for how much they should allot for each story section, i.e., for a 1,000-editing feature 200 to 250 for the lead, intro and nut graph; 500 to 600 for the body of the story in which they could spend a paragraph or two on each relevant point or example; and the remaining 100 to 150 edits for a conclusion. Harsh as that kind of outline sounds, it would definitely help some editors who left to their own devices would take 400 to 500 editing  on a set up and then have no room left for the details that really make the story.

The only other admonition I'd add to our list is: Use quotes sparingly. If the editor can summarize what a source said in far fewer words they should, and save direct quotes for absolutely positively necessary or the really, really good stuff.

Suggestion :-
For better editing I would suggest to use simple brushes color effects with a lot of action, curves and doing changes in eyes.You must touch the soul of others and his/her curiosity. After that they're all yours.

Portrait Expert Skills Use In Portrait Editing
Portrait Expert Skills Use In Portrait Editing 

Portrait Editing Skills
Before Portrait Editing 

Portrait Editing Skills

After Portrait Editing Skills

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