How To Make Bokeh Full Tutorial

How To Make Bokeh Full Tutorial :- 

                                            Many people ask me how to create bokeh in this
tutorial i would like to tell you something about digital bokeh.First of all i want to
clear the concepts of people that they all want a better and nice camera like
 Canon D500 , Nikon D7000 etc.You don't really need a expensive camera's if you
have the digital camera or semi pro etc then its okay what you have in your
camera is ISO up to above 3200,shooter speed you i'll need for a better picture,
colors and result this is a basic need.Second thing depends on you the way
you are capturing picture if you are capturing portrait picture then the view
you i'll need is you gonna do is to focus on the nose if you are just capturing
the face of your model.If You are capturing pictures like head to stomach
then you gonna focus on chest.This is the simple and better tips and tricks
of photography.Now i'm going back to my topic The Digital Bokeh.

Bokeh :- 

                 How to make bokeh it is simpler and quite difficult but gives you output too
good.First of all you gonna do is change your camera setting.

Camera Settings :-  

Mood = Auto
ISO = 3200
Flash light = Off
PLEASE TURN ON THE OPTION MACRO (for close-up shoots)

                        Now what you do is for day light you can find some tress where light is coming
then focus on anything your finger whatever you have then behind what you see is bokeh
the light coming from the trees is change into bokeh it can be do in anything car light etc.
Same principle you gonna do in night but if you turned your mood on night mood its too good.

What Focus Do ?

                         Its a big topic which will help you to capture better images.Its really to
good but it is difficult so i'm going to explain you.

What is Princial Focus ?

                                      The rays of light parallel to the principal axis after passing
through a lens converge at a point in case of a convex lens and appear to diverge from
a point in case of a concave lens.This point is called Focal point or Principal Focus.

What Focus Do? 

                          I told you something like that to focus on your finger when you are
capturing bokeh so focus is the thing which do is to extend the bokeh some expamles i
have ok i'm sharing my art with you guys do comments if you have anyproblem and if you like
my art the way i'm capturing.Thankyou for reading my article stay tunned.

Examples :-

Focus and zoom is the best thing.


How To Make Bokeh At Night

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