How to get Belly Fit

Secrets Of Fitness :-
                      Keeping Fit (workplace workouts for savvy marketers)

Strength :- Your Strength Is In Your Professional Network.Build Your Connection
 Through Linkedin

Flexibility :- Be Flexible.Be Open To Feedback And Criticism From Social Media.
Respond With Grace.

Endurance :- Build Your Online Personal Brand.Manage Your Online Reputation.Boost
Your Endurance And Stay In The Game Longer.

Power :- Build Your Power With Domain Knowledge.Listen To Webcasts,Read E books And
Other Content To Stay On Top Of The Latest Concepts And Tactics.This Is A Heavy
Duty Workout For Your Brain.

Balance :- Strike A Balance Between All Your Activities,Be It A Blog Or Twitter.
Balance Your Time And Effort Sensibly.

Stamina :- You Need Plenty Of Stamina To Keep A Blog Going.If You Stick It Out,
The Rewards Are Sweet.

Agile :- Be Agile.Keep Pace With Your Dynamic,Fast Changing Environment With Google

Speed :- Think Speed,Think Twitter.This 140 Character,Bite-Sized,High-Intensity
Workout Is Sure To Keep You On Your Toes.

Co-ordination :- Take Advantage Of The Latest Technology And Tools To Better Co-ordination
With Your Team.Smartphones,Instant Messengers,Video Conferencing - Use Whatever
Works To Stay On Top Of Your Work.

Accuracy :- Be Accurate.Be Objective.Let The Numbers Speak.

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